Program Objectives


Historic demography is a scientific field that developed during the second half of the 20th century and aims towards the long-term study of demographic variables. It observes the cyclic fluctuations, the long-term movements and the crises faced by the economic and social structures of the demographic potential. Through traditional recording of basic demographic parameters and techniques and through the distinction between historic demography and "paleodemography" - and demography, too- historic demography seeks factors of long-term "demographic behaviors" in the geographical area of Greece and Europe. This aims at highlighting "demographic particularities", transformations and mechanisms of demographic transition.


The faculty is oriented towards:

1. a critique of the diachronically available sources and the study methods of the populations.

2. the forms and the structures of a residential nexus able to raise a number of questions regarding the bonds between demographic incidents and the environment.

3. probing into questions of an anthropological nature, regarding the relationship between physical and social demography.

4. the charting of the demographic balance and the perspectives of the so-called "reproductive behaviour" cultural factor.

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