Administration of the Department

A. President of the Department

The President of the Department has the following responsibilities:
a) convenes the assembly, prepares the agenda, appoints a member of the assembly as rapporteur on the issues, chairs its work and proposes the issues for which no other member of the assembly has been appointed as rapporteur;
b) ensures the implementation of the curriculum, educational activities and the Internal Regulations;
c) sets up committees to study or address specific issues within the department;
(d) transmit to the dean the views of the assembly; and
e) prepares an annual report of activities of the department and forwards it to the dean

President Administration of the Department

• Konstantinos Tsountas (Professor)

Deputy Chairman of the Department
• Theodoros Kotsilieris (Associate Professor)

B. Department Assembly

The Assembly of the Department consists of the Professors and the serving Professors of Applications of the Department, according to what was provided by the  law 4009/2011 (A’ 195), a representative of the members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (ETEP), as well as a representative of the students of the Department (one undergraduate).
The representative of the members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (ETEP) is elected by direct, universal and secret ballot among its respective members, while the representative of the students through the student elections according to law 4009/2012 as amended and in force, the statute of student associations and the operating regulations of the TEI.

The assembly of the department has the following responsibilities and all the others provided by the provisions of this law, the Organization and the Internal Regulations:
a) the election of the President of the Department,
b) the implementation of the curriculum and the continuous improvement of learning in it,
c) the definition of the teachers of the courses of the study program;
d) the selection and approval of textbooks for each course of the study program;
e) giving an opinion to the dean on ways to improve the curriculum;
f) the formation of teams for the internal evaluation of the curriculum;
g) the suggestion to the dean for the announcement of teacher positions and
h) the suggestion to the dean of the school for the establishment of second and third cycle study programs.

Assembly Members

Efstratios Georgopoulos

Christina Daousi

Ioannis Dimopoulos

Konstantinos Mavreas

Eugenia Bitsani

Dimitris Sotiropoulos

Athanasia Triantaphyllopoulou

Theodoros Tsekos

Konstantinos Tsountas

Ekaterini Kastanioti

Thodoris Kotsilieris

Anastasia Voutinioti

Fotios Droumbalis

Leonidas Paraskevopoulos

Stavros Useful

Grigoris Nikolakopoulos

Vicky Panagiotakopoulou

Stella Christopoulou

Isidora Thymi

Bosinis Dimitrios

Βύρων Αρμεν

Achilles Zafeiropoulos

Vangelis Paschidis

Department Secretariat
• Eleni Konstantopoulou