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OFFICE: Γ1.05 (New building) TEL.:   27210 45324
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OFFICE HOURS : Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00, Thursday 14.00-16.00





Pr. Eugenia P. Bitsani, Political Scientist, has both academic and entrepreneurial experience

in the domain of cultural studies.

She holds the position of Professor at the Technological Institute of Peloponnese in the field

of Human Resources management with emphasis on cultural and social services. Also she is

visiting professor at several universities in Italy and France, and professor at the Hellenic

Open University teaching in the MASTER Program “Cultural-art policy and Management”

Her scientific interest and research focuses on issues like advance of human resources,

models of intercultural management, art- cultural management and planning cultural

policies especially in multicultural societies.

As an academic professor she applies interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methods to the

study of regional man-heritage-landscape systems, national/local/ identity – art-heritage-
strategies and policies, intercultural networks, and strategies of intercultural management

and relationships in the global world.

A large number of her publications about the previously mentioned scientific fields are

published in English, in French and in Greek. She is also the author of the following books :

“Cultural Management and Regional Development. Planning of cultural policies and cultural

product”, “Human Resources Management: Issues and current approaches of the theory of

organisational and managerial behaviour” and “The development of the social business in

the fields of culture. An alternative proposal for regional development”.

As an entrepreneur she adopts transnational and cross-disciplinary approaches in access to

art and culture (ICT tools, new media, and contemporary arts, TQM in the art-cultural


Moreover she has worked as scientific project manager of many International and European

programs of cultural management and politics (EUROMED HERITAGE, CULTURE 2006,


Eugenia P. Bitsani collaborates, as consultant, with international institutions of the public

and private sector in strategic decisions and planning policies, on the socio-cultural domain.









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Κεφάλαια σε συλλογικούς τόμους


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Δημοσιεύσεις σε Πρακτικά Διεθνών Επιστημονικών Συνεδρίων με Κριτές


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