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Department Profile

In 2013, pursuant to Presidential Decree 91/2013, the TEI of Kalamata was renamed to the TEI of the Peloponnese, within which the Department of Business Administration and Organizations - BOA was established and operates. The Department of BOA was integrated into the School of Management and Economics and resulted from the merger of the two pre-existing departments in the respective School of the TEI of Kalamata, the Department of Health & Welfare Units and the Department of Local Government offering the introductory directions of Health & Welfare Unit Management and Local Government Management.

As soon as Law 4610/2019 was enacted, the TEI of Peloponnese and its Departments were abolished, while students and faculty members joined the newly established Department of Business Administration and Organizations of the School of Management of the University of Peloponnese.

The Department of Business and Organization Administration (BOA) is a new and dynamic member of the University of the Peloponnese that aspires to leave its mark on education, research and its connection with business, public organizations and society, providing its students diversified higher education.

BOA's vision is academic excellence in close relationship with the business community to build a responsible future.

The students of the Department have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of courses, which cover the branches of management science with emphasis on two directions, those of business administration and of organizations management. At the same time, students have access to all modern educational tools (computer labs, access to international databases, interactive media, specialized library, etc.) in order to more effectively utilize and apply their scientific knowledge.

The purpose of the Department's Curriculum is to train effective executives with personality, ethics and respect for institutions and values, who can staff the private and public sector of the country. At the same time, it provides all the necessary supplies to pursue, if they wish, postgraduate and doctoral studies, constantly passing on knowledge to its students through teaching and research, creating opportunities and prospects for both the academic community and the productive forces.

Thus, the BOA Department offers and contributes to the creation of knowledge capable of transforming businesses and organizations.