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The Department recognizes the importance of the internship and offers the opportunity to the students to gain working experience through Internships. The Internship is considered an optional course and it aims at giving the student the opportunity to put academic knowledge into practice. It is the first contact of the future young scientist with their potential work environment. The Internship provides the student with the opportunity to work on subjects relative to their studies and the knowledge obtained throughout their studies in real conditions. In addition, the Internship helps students understand the requirements of the work environment, gain professional conscience and then make the right choices regarding their profession. The Department offers Internship programs in organizations and companies of the private and public sector. More details are available in the approved Internship Regulation posted on the Department's website.

During the 8th semester students can be employed for 1 (one) month and the internship is referred in the Diploma Supplement. Internship corresponds to 6 ECTS.