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Undergraduate Studies

1 Description

The study program extends (or covers) to 8 semesters (4 years). The first stage contains four (4) semesters (2) years studies of common program for all students

In the 6th semester students can choose between two modules of courses:

(a) Business Administration (BA), and

(b) Organisation administratio (OA).

Successful completion of the first stage is not mandatory for enrolment in one of these two modules in the sixth semester.

The purpose of these modules, is to enable students to deepen their knowledge and interest in their field of study, as well as to make possible (or permit, or facilitate) the better organisation of the study program.

These modules are not mentioned in the degree awarded nor do they establish specific professional rights. In addition to the core courses in both modules, students will have to choose courses from a list of elective courses available from the 5th throughout to the 8th semester, thus creating their own study plan.

  • Organization and Structure of the Undergraduate Program

The courses offered by the Department are:

1. Mandatory

2. Elective

3. Optional

Degree awarding requires successful completion of thirty eight (38) courses which are mandatory and elective but not optional courses. Mandatory courses are divided into two categories:

1. Core courses and

2. Module courses.

Twenty four(24) core courses are common to all students, are offered from the 1st through to the 5th semester, and cover a broad  area of business and public administration.

Eight (8) module courses are obligatory for degree awarding and are offered from the 6th through to the 8th semester.

Students can enroll in six (6) from twenty seven (27) Elective Courses of their own choice, available from fifth to eighth semester, thus completing the list of courses necessary for degree awarding.

Elective courses include the preparation and completion during the seventh (7th) semester of a Degree Final Project under the direction of a tutor. By undertaking a Degree Final Project which has a study load of twelve (12) ECTS), students are exempt from enrolling in two (2) elective course offered in the seventh (7) semester.

Optional Courses aim at enriching students’ knowledge and skills and although they have a study load in ECTS, they are not calculated for the Degree classification. However they are listed in the Diploma Supplement.