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Postgraduate studies

Master's Program in "Public Administration and Local Government"

The Master's Program in "Public Administration and Local Government" (founding FEK Β/3468/13-09-2019) is a high level study program linked to Public bodies and the labor market. The Program offers specialized scientific knowledge and awards a Postgraduate Diploma in "Public Administration and Local Self-Government". (M.P.A./M.Sc. in Public Administration and Local Government), fully recognized by ASEP.

In contrast to traditional programs in the Administration of Businesses and Organizations, it aims to prepare existing executives of the public and wider public sector for the development of their professional careers, as well as graduates of different Schools and Departments for their integration into the labor market.

The minimum duration of the program is three (3) semesters and requires the attendance and successful examination of eight (8) courses - six (6) compulsory courses and two (2) electives - during two academic semesters, as well as the preparation of a diploma thesis that takes place during the last six months of the program (3rd semester). Lectures are held in class and remotely, last at thirteen (13) weeks and utilize all the tools of distance learning/synchronous and asynchronous teaching.

Master's Program in "Technoeconomic Systems in Administration"

The Master's Program "Techno-economic Systems in Administration" integrates issues of organizational models and technologically advanced decision-making methods in the area of administration in both the public and private sector.

It aims, on the one hand, to provide specialized theoretical and research knowledge in an internationally rapidly developing scientific field and, on the other hand, to provide specialized practical, empirical and applied knowledge.

The Master's Program aspires to create executives who will have the knowledge in order to either conduct theoretical and empirical scientific research, or to directly apply the principles, values and practices of Administrative Science.

In particular, the subject of the Master's Program includes the specialization in the cognitive area of administration with an interdisciplinary approach, the provision of knowledge in the management of business systems and organizations (private and public), the efficient contribution of participants to the operation of businesses and organizations, training in taking leadership initiatives in potential technological or organizational changes necessary for the business or organization to respond to the rapidly evolving international environment.