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Welcome note by the Head

On behalf of the teaching, laboratory, and administrative staff, I welcome you to the Department of Business and Organizations Administration of the University of Peloponnese, which is located in Kalamata and was founded in May 2019 by Law No. 4610/2019. It belongs to the School of Management.

The mission of our Department is to offer its students high level and holistic education as long as research skills cultivation, with the aim of creating high level scientists in the field of management and administration, which is extended in many fileds of applications, responding to the modern challenges of Public and Business Administration, Operational Research and Information Systems. To this end the Department offers a wide and flexible courses portfolio that is presented in the following sections. The educational activities are further reinforced by postgraduate studies and the research laboratory. Thus, each student will be informed about the existing capacities and be capable of organizing its own personalized line of study.

I hope that the quoted material will be useful for the design of your studies. Further informational material may be found at the Department’s web page It should be mentioned that the academic and the administrative staff is willing to provide any clarification needed.

Kalamata, July 2022

Head of the Department

Theodore Kotsilieris, Associate Professor