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Dear student,

In case you are diagnosed positive in covid-19, you should notify the National Public Health Organisation, calling the National Coronavirus Helpline at 1135. You will be asked to submit more details, while you will be given instructions as to what to do if symptoms become worse, ( case of high fever, and/or breathing difficulty you must seek medical care and hospital treatment).

If you are a student dormitory resident, please notify the University’s Suspected Case Management Officers. Within 24 hours the Civil Protection Service will contact you, for the purpose of contact tracing, and providing information regarding your obligation to submit the Covid Recovery Certificate after your recovery.

You must notify the Secretariat of your Department regarding the classes you have attended and the students as well as other persons you contacted during the past two days.

Yours sincerely,

 Stavroula Babali <s.mpampali at>

Niki Kouzi n.kouzi < n.kouzi at>

Covid-19 Suspicious Case Management Officers, Schools of Management and Agriculture-Food