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Research Strategy


Based on the current social - economic developments, it is necessary to formulate a long-term Research Strategy of the Department for the period 2020-2025, shaping the research priorities during the above period, and is part of the general framework of the University Research Strategy of the University.

The Department of Business and Organization Management is a new department of the University of Peloponnese, and therefore created the need to design a unified research strategy that was formed in parallel with the procedures of the curriculum. This process ensured both the osmosis between the faculty members. and its students, and the participation of all members, as well as the necessary bases for the development of research teams focused on a single now cognitive objects.

It is noted that the Department organizes and operates:

1. Management Information Systems and Quantitative Data Analysis Research Laboratory

2. Three MSc:

a) "Historical Demography" in co-organization with the Ionian University

b) "Public Administration and Local Government"

c) "Techno-economic Management Systems"

From the above-mentioned, the dynamism of the faculty members is highlighted. in academic research and teaching, the synergies and osmosis achieved within the Department, research coherence, extroversion and collaboration with notable university institutions at home and abroad, and the ability to follow current developments and challenges.

Axes of research strategy
The framework of the research strategy of the Department contains the following thematic axes:

Organization and administration
New technologies and quantitative data analysis
Business Research and Business Intelligence
Financial management
Social policy
The main axes of the strategy in the period 2020-2025 focus on the following areas:

Research initiatives in the field of organization and management

Human Resource Management
Organization and administration of health units
Cultural administration
Implementation of organizational culture policies in health
Research initiatives in the field of new technologies and quantitative analysis

Health Policy Design
E-health education
Semantic content of health data
Distributed e-health systems

Research initiatives in the field of Business Research and Business Intelligence

Portfolio optimization using Computational Intelligence techniques.
Time Series Modeling and Prediction using Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques.
Development of new Techniques of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning for problems of Management and Economy.

Research initiatives in the field of Political Science

Public Policies
Institutional, political, social and economic dimension of the crisis
Interconnection of Governance and Entrepreneurship in the Greek example

Research initiatives in the field of financial management

Reconstruction of health unit procedures in the environment of the financial crisis
Restructuring of financial management of health units in the environment of the financial crisis
Study and evaluation of the system of supplies in the field of health
Pharmaceutical cost reduction policies and techniques


Research initiatives in the field of social policy

Study of migration - refugee flows and policies
Economic and social effects on the labor market
Agricultural policy in Greece during the 20th century
Social Exclusion
European policy in the field of social economy
Multicultural societies – Interculturalism

Dissemination of research results

The aim of the Department is the research conducted by the members of its Teaching Staff to be disseminated both in the academic community and in the society. To this end, a consistent strategy is to publish articles in journals and conferences that are gaining recognition from the international academic community.

In addition, conferences and workshops are organized at regular intervals, both in the premises of the Foundation and in places in the city center, with topics related to the general field of knowledge of the Department.